New France 1500-1760

Aboriginal Peoples - Iroquois and Wendat


1. Aboriginal peoples wanted to control their lands.

2. Aboriginal peoples were willing to share resources such as furs as long as
    they also profitted from sales.

3. Aborignal peoples resisted British and French military power. The
    Iroquois joined the British in their fight against the French.


The British


1.  The British wanted the land for farming and to control the fur trade.

2.  The British wanted to stop the French from controlling the area  of New France.

3.  The British had a larger and more powerful army than the French.


The French


1.  The French first explored these lands in 1534 and built a village in 1608.

2.  The French wanted the land for farming and to control the fur trade.

3.  The French wanted to keep their language and culture. They fought against the British with the help of the Wendat.


The Resources - Land

The land provided good soil for farming.

The forest provided trees to build houses, to make tools, and for fuel to heat homes.

Beaver were hunted for their fur    which sold for high prices in Europe.

The Fight for New France

For over 150 years the British, the French, and Aboriginal peoples fought many battles for the control of New France.

In 1759 the British won the final battle on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec.